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Product Description

Spur gear&comma bevel gear&comma high precision gear&comma manufacture per drawing

Material Carbon Steel SAE1571&comma SAE1045&comma Cr12&comma 40Cr&comma Y15Pb&comma 1214L&period
Alloy Metal 20CrMnTi&comma 16MnCr5&comma 20CrMnMo&comma 41CrMo&comma 17CrNiMo5&interval&period&period
Brass&solBronze   HPb59-1&comma H70&comma CuZn39Pb2&comma CuZn40Pb2&commaC38000&comma CuZn40
Machining method Gear Hobbing&comma Equipment Milling&comma  Gear Shaping&comma  Gear Broaching&comma  Gear Shaving&comma Equipment Grinding and Gear Lapping
Module 1&period0&comma 1&period25&comma 1&period5&comma 1&period75&comma 2&period0&comma 2&period25&comma 2&period5&period&period&period of time&period8&period0
Tolerance management Outer Diameter&colon &pm0&period005 mm Length Dimension&colon&pm0&period05 mm
Enamel accuracy DIN Course 4&comma ISO&solGB Class 4&comma AGMA Class thirteen&comma JIS Course
Warmth remedy Quenching & Tempering&comma Carburizing & Quenching&comma CZPT -frequency Hardening&comma Carbonitriding&period of time&time period&interval
Area therapy Blacking&comma Sprucing&comma Anodization&comma Chrome plating&comma Zinc plating&comma Nickel plating&time period&interval&interval

The introduction of CZPT firm
one&time period Outfitted with present day and precise manufacture equipments and strictly top quality control which enable us to make high top quality vehicle elements
two&periodHigh successful management to achieve the production cost optimization&comma and return the earnings to CZPT er stop for CZPT phrase earn acquire romantic relationship&period of time
Unimolding Main Competitive Positive aspects&colon
one&periodCustomer-focused firm&semi
2&periodSmooth & fast interaction&semi
three&periodCustom manufacturing & CZPT resolution&semi
4&periodExcellent high quality management&semi
5&periodReasonable price tag&semi
6&periodSmall order & on-time shipping and delivery&semi
7&periodConduct the teamwork exercise&period

A rack is a portion of a cylindrical disk with an infinite radius, the surface area of which is cut with involute enamel. The racks are specifically mated to spur gears with the exact same module, strain angle, and desired confront width. EP provides racks in a range of supplies, configurations, modules, and lengths. A distinctive feature of our racks is that most of them appear with completed goods. This sort of production allows numerous racks to be related finish to finish to create a continuous duration of racks. Many of our choices let for secondary functions this kind of as shortening lengths, including threaded holes, or applying warmth treatment method. Our items also incorporate products that have accomplished some of these secondary operations.
china  wholesaler Spur Gear/Precision Gear/Worm Gear/Good Quality Customized Transmission Gear Spur Gear manufacturers