china wholesaler Customized 60 Tooth Motor Mini Worm Gear manufacturers

Product Description

Solution Description
Tailored 60 Tooth CZPT Mini Worm Gear

Manufacturing process :lathe  machining                              
Testing equipment:projector
We are willing to provide you with sample for testing, we  have  16-year manufacturing and solutions experiences.
We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.
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Industry Focus Appliance/ Automotive/ Agricultural
Electronics/ Industrial/ Marine
Mining/ Hydraulics/ Valves
Oil and Gas/ Electrical/ Construction
Intended Application Shafts Valve Components
 Automatic Door Components
Cable/ Electronic Connector
Fire Suppression System Components
Fittings/ Fasteners Gears/ Hardware 
Roller Bearings
Lead Times Available
Max: 2 Weeks (On Initial Order)
Rush Services Available
Industry Standards ISO 9001:2008  PPAP
RoHS Compliant
Additional Capabilities CAD Design Services CAM Programming Services
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Reverse Engineering
Equipment List From simple 2-axis turning to 7-axis, 
turn-mill-drill CNC Swiss-type machines,
molding machines/ stamping machines
automatic lathe machines/ spring machines.
(Metals or plastic)
Alloy Steels/ Aluminum/ Brass/ Bronze Alloys
Carbon Steel/ Copper/ Stainless Steel/ Tool Steel
Cold Rolled Steel/ Bearing Steel
Stomach muscles/ Delrin/ Nylon/ PVC
Testing equipment Projector. Calliper,  micrometer, plug gauge, ring gauge, thread gauge
(Special Capabilities)
Broaching/ Hobbing/ Slotting/tapping
Tolerance ±0.0002 in ±0.0051 mm
packing For light objects: 
bubble pack individually to prevent from damaging 
and scratches in transporting, then in carton 
for heavy objects: 
wrapped in PE bags and then in wooden boxes


Racks, when used with spur gears, convert rotational motion to linear movement. EP Gear’s racks are designed to operate with our stock 14 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears. Usually, racks are modified to match specific programs. This may possibly consist of drilling and tapping mounting holes, cutting to a distinct duration, or matching the ends of two racks to generate a lengthier continuous length than inventory.
china  wholesaler Customized 60 Tooth Motor Mini Worm Gear manufacturers