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Item Description


Item Description

one)housing:aluminium alloy ADC12(dimension 571-090) die forged iron HT200(dimensions 110-one hundred fifty)
two)Worm:20Cr, ZI Involute profile carbonize&quencher heat treatment make gear surface hardness up to fifty six-sixty two HRC Following precision grinding, carburization layer’s thickness between .3-.5mm.
three)Worm Wheel:wearable stannum alloy CuSn10-1
Pc Overview:
Personal computer Prestage CZPT cal geared unit is modular and can be mounted on any variety reducers with PAM Flange composition.The prestage can not be utilized by itself , but need to have to be coupled with any reducers as models.
Personal computer Materials:
With aluminium alloy housing, and 20Cr Gear, the gear machined correctly floor on basis of the involute.

Solution Parameters

   Old Model      New Model   Ratio   Center Distance     Energy Enter Dia.     Output Dia.       Output Torque         Weight       
RV571       7.5~100    25mm .06KW~.12KW    Φ9 Φ11 21N.m  .7kgs
RV030 RW030 7.5~a hundred 30mm .06KW~.25KW Φ9(Φ11) Φ14 45N.m  one.2kgs
RV040 RW040 7.5~100 40mm .09KW~.55KW Φ9(Φ11,Φ14) Φ18(Φ19) 84N.m  2.3kgs
RV050 RW050 7.5~100 50mm .12KW~1.5KW Φ11(Φ14,Φ19) Φ25(Φ24) 160N.m  3.5kgs
RV063 RW063 7.5~100 63mm .18KW~2.2KW Φ14(Φ19,Φ24) Φ25(Φ28) 230N.m  six.2kgs
RV075 RW075 seven.5~one hundred 75mm .25KW~4.0KW Φ14(Φ19,Φ24,Φ28)    Φ28(Φ35) 410N.m  9.0kgs
RV090 RW090 7.5~one hundred 90mm .37KW~4.0KW Φ19(Φ24,Φ28) Φ35(Φ38) 725N.m  13.0kgs
RV110 RW110 seven.5~a hundred 110mm .55KW~7.5KW Φ19(Φ24,Φ28,Φ38) Φ42 1050N.m  35.0kgs
RV130 RW130 seven.5~100 130mm .75KW~7.5KW Φ24(Φ28,Φ38) Φ45 1550N.m  48.0kgs
RV150 RW150 seven.5~100 150mm 2.2KW~15KW Φ28(Φ38,Φ42) Φ50   eighty four.0kgs

Outline Dimension:

GMRV A B C C1 D(H8) E(h8) F G G1 H H1 I M N O P Q R S T BL β b t V
030 eighty ninety seven fifty four 44 fourteen fifty five 32 56 sixty three sixty five 29 fifty five 40 57 30 75 44 six.5 21 5.five M6*10(n=4) 5 16.three 27
040 100 121.5 70 sixty eighteen(19) 60 43 seventy one seventy eight 75 36.5 70 fifty seventy one.five 40 87 fifty five six.five 26 six.5 M6*10(n=4) 45° 6 20.8(21.8) 35
050 120 144 eighty 70 twenty five(24) 70 49 85 ninety two 85 43.5 80 sixty eighty four 50 100 sixty four eight.5 30 7 M8*twelve(n=4) 45° 8 28.3(27.3) forty
063 one hundred forty four 174 a hundred eighty five twenty five(28) 80 sixty seven 103 112 ninety five fifty three 95 seventy two 102 63 a hundred and ten eighty 8.five 36 8 M8*twelve(n=8) 45° eight 28.3(31.3) 50
075 172 205 120 90 28(35) 95 72 112 120 a hundred and fifteen 57 112.five 86 119 75 one hundred forty ninety three 11 40 10 M8*fourteen(n=8) 45° 8(ten) 31.3(38.3) sixty
090 206 238 a hundred and forty 100 35(38) 110 74 one hundred thirty 140 a hundred thirty sixty seven 129.5 103 a hundred thirty five ninety one hundred sixty 102 13 forty five eleven M10*16(n=8) 45° 10 38.3(41.3) 70
one hundred ten 255 295 a hundred and seventy 115 forty two one hundred thirty a hundred and forty four 155 165 74 160 127.five 167.five one hundred ten 200 a hundred twenty five 14 fifty fourteen M10*eighteen(n=8) 45° twelve forty five.three 85
130 293 335 200 one hundred twenty forty five 180 one hundred fifty five 170 215 81 179 146.five 187.5 130 250 one hundred forty sixteen sixty fifteen M12*20(n=8) 45° fourteen 48.8 one hundred
150 340 four hundred 240 one hundred forty five 50 a hundred and eighty 185 200 215 ninety six 210 one hundred seventy 230 a hundred and fifty 250 one hundred eighty eighteen seventy two.5 eighteen M12*22(n=8) 45° 14 53.eight a hundred and twenty

Organization Profile

About CZPT Transmission:
We are a professional reducer producer positioned in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug province.Our foremost goods is  full selection of RV571-one hundred fifty worm reducers , also equipped GKM hypoid CZPT cal gearbox, GRC inline CZPT cal gearbox, Personal computer models, UDL Variators and AC CZPT s, G3 CZPT cal gear motor.Items are widely utilized for purposes this sort of as: foodstuffs, ceramics, packing, chemical substances, pharmacy, plastics, paper-creating, design equipment, metallurgic mine, environmental safety CZPT , and all sorts of automated traces, and assembly lines.With CZPT shipping and delivery, excellent right after-sales provider, CZPT d creating facility, CZPT merchandise promote well  both at residence and abroad. We have exported CZPT reducers to CZPT Asia, CZPT ern CZPT pe and the Center CZPT and so on.Our aim is to produce and innovate on the basis of higher top quality, and develop a good popularity for reducers.

Packing info:Plastic Luggage+Cartons+Wooden Circumstances , or on request
We participate Germany Hannver Exhibition-ZheJiang PTC Honest-Turkey Earn Eurasia


Soon after Sales Services

one.Upkeep Time and Warranty:In 1 12 months right after acquiring items.
2.Other SupportLike modeling choice guide, set up information, and difficulty resolution information, etc.


1.Q:Can you make as per CZPT er drawing?
   A: Indeed, we supply CZPT ized provider for CZPT ers accordingly. We can use CZPT er’s nameplate for gearboxes.
two.Q:What is your terms of payment ?
   A: thirty% deposit just before creation,balance T/T before delivery.
three.Q:Are you a trading organization or manufacturer?
   A:We are a manufacurer with CZPT d gear and seasoned staff.
4.Q:What is your creation capability?
   A:8000-9000 PCS/Month
five.Q:Cost-free sample is CZPT or not?
   A:Yes, we can source cost-free sample if CZPT er agree to spend for the courier value
six.Q:Do you have any certificate?
   A:Sure, we have CE certificate and SGS certification report.
Get in touch with information:
Ms Lingel Pan
For any concerns just truly feel free ton speak to me. Numerous thanks for your kind attention to CZPT business!

Earlier we described that when two gears mesh, the smaller sized 1 is called the pinion. A rack is a straight bar with equipment tooth that meshes with the pinion. So you can almost certainly picture how rack and pinion gears are used to change rotation into linear movement. A best illustration of this is the steering technique on numerous cars. The steering wheel rotates a gear, which engages the rack. As the gear turns, it slides the rack either to the right or still left, depending on which way you switch the wheel.
china  shop Chinese Manufacturer Prestage Helical Worm Gear Unit manufacturers