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Solution Description

Equipment Cutting Support for Worm Gear Any Size

Worm Gearbox Accessory

Content Bronze and C45 Forging

Precision Quality Ideal Up To seven

Listen to Therapy with Quenching&sol Carbonization&sol Nitration

Very good CZPT in Cutting&sol Shaping&sol Grinding&sol Hobbing&sol Shaving&sol Honing&sol Broaching

Area in Lines&sol Precise CZPT &sol CNC CZPT &sol Gear Transmission&sol Gearbox

Industry Focus Appliance&sol Automotive&sol Agricultural
Electronics&sol Industrial&sol Marine
Mining&sol Hydraulics&sol Valves
Oil and Gas&sol Electrical&sol Construction
Intended Application Shafts
Valve Components
Automatic Door Components
Cable&sol Electronic Connector
Fire Suppression System Components
Fittings&sol Fasteners &solPin &sol Bushing &sol CZPT &sol CZPT &comma Bolt&comma Nut&comma CZPT ener
Gears&sol Hardware
Roller Bearings
Lead Times Available
Max&colon 2 Weeks &lparOn Initial Order&rpar
Rush Services Available
Industry Standards ISO 9001&colon2008
RoHS Compliant
Additional Capabilities CAD Design Services
CAM Programming Services
Coordinate Measuring Machines &lparCMM&rpar
Reverse Engineering
Equipment List From simple 2-axis turning to 7-axis&comma turn-mill-drill CNC Swiss-type machines&comma we are equipped with a full line of CNC equipment from the following manufactures&colon
molding machines&sol stamping machines
automatic lathe machines&sol spring machines&period of time
Automation Capabilities Continuous Machining
Material &lparMetals&rpar Alloy Steels&sol Aluminum&sol Brass&sol Bronze Alloys
Carbon Steel&sol Copper&sol Stainless Steel&sol Tool Steel
Cold Rolled Steel&sol Bearing Steel
&lparPlastic Polymers&rpar
Abs&sol Delrin&sol Nylon&sol PVC&solAcetal
&lparSpecial Capabilities&rpar
Broaching&sol Hobbing&sol Slotting
Tolerance &pm0&period0002 in
&pm0&period0051 mm


The tooth surface hardness, it is divided into gentle tooth surface gear transmission and difficult tooth area gear transmission. When the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels (or a single of them) is considerably less than or equivalent to 350HBW, it is named delicate tooth surface transmission when the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels is >350HBW, it is known as hard tooth surface area transmission. Gentle-tooth floor equipment transmission is typically used for common low-speed equipment transmission that does not call for high precision, and difficult-toothed surface area equipment transmission is often employed for equipment transmission that calls for powerful bearing ability and compact composition.
china  shop Worm Gears with Wheel Gear Manufacturer manufacturers