china factory Lyhy Slewing Gear for Container Cranes (21′′) manufacturers

Merchandise Description

CZPT CZPT is limited for HangZhou HUAYANG Special CZPT -Obligation AND Big BEARING CZPT UFACTURING CO&time period&comma LTD&period

&interval Introduction of CZPT weighty load slewing push
Slewing CZPT is also called slewing equipment&comma CZPT &comma worm generate&comma rotary drive&comma slew generate&comma CZPT reducer and rotary drive unit&time period At current the majority of this kind of units are caller Slewing CZPT &time period
LYHY weighty load slewing generate is typically composed of a slewing ring&comma worm&comma casting housing&comma and common parts likebearing and bolts&comma and many others&period of time Although used in photovoltaic CZPT era system&comma the slewing drive is generally employed in blend with DC planetary speed reducer motor and AC pace reducer motor&period Whilst utilised in CZPT tools&comma it is routinely utilized in combination with hydraulic motor to function as CZPT driving method&period

2&time period Construction
In accordance to the raceway diameter of the slewing ring&comma a heavy load slewing generate include M3 ich&comma M5 inch&comma M7 inch&comma M9 inch&comma M12 inch&comma M14 inch&comma M17 inch&comma M21 inch&comma M25inch&comma H14 inch&comma H17 inch&comma H21 inch and H25 inch&period

3&period of time Functions&colon
Large load slewing push is a specific bearing&period of time And a slewing push is generally composed of a slewing ring&comma worm&comma casting housing&comma and common factors like bearing and bolts&comma etc&period
Slewing drive is ready to sustain a lot more axial load&comma radial load and tilting minute&period of time Turntable or body rotates at azimuth and elevation pushed by slewing push&interval

4&period of time Software&colon
Slewing drives are commonly employed in solar CZPT generation tracking system&comma timber get&comma special automobile&comma weighty-duty flat-panel truck&comma container cranes&comma overhead operating truck&comma truck mounted crane&comma automobile crane and aerial autos&comma cranes&comma gantry cranes&comma tiny wind CZPT stations&comma place communications&comma satellite receiver&comma and many others&time period

LYHY can also design and make other standard and CZPT -normal Slewing CZPT s as for each CZPT er’s different technical demands&period of time For far more info about the slewing generate&comma remember to get in touch with CZPT CZPT income section&period of time We will give you the best technical assistance&period of time

Model Rated output torque &solKN-m Tilting Minute torque &solKN-m Load &solKN Gear ratio Self-locking gears Weight &lparKG&rpar
Static load score&comma axial Static load rating&commaradial Dynamic load score&comma axial Dynamic load ranking&commaradial
3″ &period25 &period5 30 16&period6 nine&period6 eight&period4 62&colon01&colon00 sure twelve
five” &period37 &period8 seventy six 22&period6 thirteen&period8 eleven&period8 sixty two&colon01&colon00 sure eighteen
7″ one&period3 13&period5 133 53 32 28 73&colon01&colon00 sure 23
9″ 9&period2 33&period9 338 135 eighty one seventy one 61&colon01&colon00 yes fifty
12″ 11&period7 54&period3 475 a hundred ninety 114 one hundred 78&colon01&colon00 indeed 60
14″ twelve&period7 67&period8 555 222 133 117 eighty five&colon01&colon00 of course 73
seventeen” 18&period5 one hundred thirty five&period6 975 390 235 205 102&colon01&colon00 of course 110
21″ 29 203 1598 640 385 335 125&colon01&colon00 indeed 158
25″ 34 271 2360 945 590 470 150&colon01&colon00 yes 230

Racks are utilized to transform rotary movement into linear motion. The spur tooth of the rack lower into a single confront of the sq. or circular rod section and perform with the pinion, which is a small cylindrical equipment that meshes with the rack. Typically, racks and pinions are collectively referred to as “rack and pinion”.
china  factory Lyhy Slewing Gear for Container Cranes (21′′) manufacturers